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IMMUNACTIF - Nutrixeal - 100 vegetable capsules - £25.60 - 29.50€

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IMMUNACTIF - Nutrixeal - 100 vegetable capsules - £25.60 - 29.50€
100 capsules : £25.60 - 29.50€

ImmunActif is a complex of flavonoid-polyphenol-rich standardized extracts (olive leaves 20%-standardized in oleuropeins, oregano, grapefruit seeds) with antifungal properties (candida albicans).

French supply chain
Botanical identification

Active ingredients:

Olive leaf extract, oregano and grapefruit seeds are popular and traditionnally used for their anti-infectious properties.
Many studies confirmed the antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal activities of these extracts:
-oleuropein extracted from olive leaves
-carvacrol extracted from oregano leaves
-flavonoids extracted from grapefruit seeds.

These concentrated and standardized extracts are perfectly safe and relevant during winter in order to promote a stronger resistance to infectious episodes.
This complex may be recommended for a long term use in case of chronic candidiasis.
In the course of the XIXth century, olive leaf extract was used to prevent malaria.

Information from the laboratory : this dietary supplement has been developed by Nutrixeal, Lyon-based Laboratory, France (33 rue de la République, 69002 Lyon. Phone number: +33 481 916 609).
French supply chain.
Botanical identification and traceability.

Ingredients :

1 capsule of Immun'Actif contains:

  • 240 mg of olive leaf extract 20%-standardized in oleuropeins

  • 75 mg of oregano extract (20% of essential oil):

  • 75 mg of grapefruit seed extract (40% of flavonoids)

  • The product is free of excipients (cellulose, magnesium stearate), radiations, yeasts, gluten, milk derivatives, corn, colorings and preservatives.

    If you compare several supplements, check out their active ingredient concentration. Olive leaf extract from Solgar is only 6%-standardized in oleuropeins.

    Bottle of 100 capsules

    Recommended use:
    Dosage: 2 capsules per day, up to 6.

    Information before use: ask for medical advice in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

    References :

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    Our dietary supplements are not drugs. They must be used as part of a varied and balanced diet. The recommended use of our products shall not replace any medical advice nor any medical treatment.